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We understand the power of family. For Saba Khan, a major chapter in her own family story began in 1890 when her great-uncle sought new opportunities in North America. Since then, her family has found and lived the American dream across many generations, using personal hard work and freedom during times of success and sacrifice. It's an inspired family journey that has led Saba to devote her financial career to other families finding their next chapter.


At 1890 Wealth Solutions, we’re not trying to sell you on a retirement plan that already exists. We use our skills and experience to help build your own financial journey. We offer a full suite of financial services to help you effectively use your hard-earned assets for retirement.


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Prepare for the future by considering the past

Gone are the days of planning retirement solely around a pension and Social Security benefits. Download this 24-page guide to learn more about:

  • Why spouses should work together for an optimal retirement

  • The unique challenges women face

  • How a financial professional can help you make wise decisions

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