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1890 Wealth Solutions

We have spent the years in the Insurance and Annuity business finding immense joy in educating and informing clients about different ways to protect and grow their retirement income so that they do not outlive it, and protect their assets whilst building a legacy for their families.

Planning Futures

1890 Wealth Solutions is invested in ensuring you have a game plan to reach the future you deserve.
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Educational Approach

We believe informed clients can make smarter decisions about their money.
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Free Retirement Plan

We are so confident in our product we are offering a comprehensive retirement plan, free of charge.
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How We Are Different

1890 Wealth isn’t your average “money” guy. we have a unique and proven method.
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Free First Consultation

The first consulation is on us! Reach out today for an introduction and conversation about your free retirement plan.

Virtual Screen Share Appointment: Review your Current Retirement Plan (if you have one), plan and provide feedback and educational materials on potential recommendations that address concerns that were discussed in our 15-Minute first appointment.

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Highly Qualified Team

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Saba Khan-Smith

Managing Partner

Saba is a retirement expert and a true leader when helping clients plan for their future. Working with experts in specific fields like Taxes, Social Security, Legacy Planning, and more, she helps individuals and families cover all the bases when creating a safe and reliable retirement plan that accomplishes their goals.

Heather Schreiber

Tax & Social Security Consultant

On her 25th year in the industry, Heather has worked among the finest organizations including Franklin Templeton Group of Funds, AXA Advisors, SunTrust Bank and some of the largest financial organizations in the country.

Morgan Stone

Licensed Broker & Administrator

Morgan will be your first point of contact at 1890 Wealth Solutions. She will guide you through the initial appointment process, and be there for assistance throughout the entire planning period. Her expertise in planning and life insurance makes her a valuable addition to our team.

Scott Soares

Wealth Transfer & LTC

Scott Soares has been in the financial services business for (gasp) over 25 years. He earned his degree in Economics from University of California – Santa Cruz, and started working for the family business right out of school.

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Please feel free to contract us for your free Retirement Plan, or any questions regarding but not limited to: Social Security, Taxes, TSP,  LTC, Life Insurance, Medicare, or anything that we can assist you with. We will never charge you to give you all the education and help you need. 

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